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American Encounter von Walter Kaufmann

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978-3-95655-292-2 (E-Book)
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Belletristik/Urlaub, Belletristik/Politik, Reisen / USA
Belletristik: Themen, Stoffe, Motive: Politik, Reisen und Urlaub, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, USA
Great Society, foot-loose, fancy-free, insatiable curiosity, armchair traveler, Kennedy Airport, adventure, people, humor, heart, Wall Street, Harlem, lynch spirit, American Way, big-city living, big-city headlines
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This is the story of one man’s impression of life in the Great Society. Foot-loose and fancy-free he follows the lead of his insatiable curiosity, taking the armchair traveler on a memorable junket. The book is no Baedeker. From his arrival (when he winds up in a hotel that has been freshly raided as a place of questionable repute) until his last backward glance at Kennedy Airport (as his home-winging plane rises for its trans-Atlantic flight), the days and nights of his journey are filled with adventure, people, humor and heart... For whether he is exploring the canyon which is Wall Street, or the dusty and treeless playgrounds of Harlem, whether he braves the swirling traffic of a well-regulated metropolis, or the back lanes of a Southern town gone mad with lynch spirit, his story of the American Way moves swiftly — and with a forthrightness that will charm the reader. He narrates his American Encounter with an open-minded freshness and with a sharp eye that penetrates the smog of big-city living and big-city headlines.


American Encounter von Walter Kaufmann: Beschreibung